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Wild Seal is smitten with everyone at the beach.

Will Badman had heard about the mischievous seal called Sammy who was obsessed with beachgoers, continuously attempting to clamber onto their backs while swimming, kayaks, and surfboards. As a result, he took a drive to Weymouth Beach in Dorset, United Kingdom, in search of the curious creature.

For over two months, Sammy the seal had been making the beach his home - the perfect place to relax and fish while much of the world was quarantined. When the weather heated up and people began coming back to the beach, Sammy didn't mind. In fact, he even made a few friends.

Badman was aware that Sammy was a fan of cameras, so he procured one with a long lens to take photos of him without having to get too close. However, the seal was astute enough to realize that he was the focal point of the attention and began to hide from the camera!

He stuck out his tongue, grinned, and waved at the camera! How funny!

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