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Weighing in at 173 lbs, Hulk may be the world's largest Pit Bull, and he's still growing!

Despite the reputation of pit bulls and other solid-jawed dogs as aggressive and unsuitable as pets, the truth is that they can be just as loving and loyal as any other breed. Take the American pit bull terrier, Hulk, for example: an impressive 173.4lb, yet a beloved pet of Dark Dynasty K9 trainer Marlon Grannon. So much so that Grannon even lets his 3-year-old child play with the massive dog - a testament to how much trust he has in his pet.

The weight of the biggest pit bull in the world is considerably larger than the typical pit bull, which typically falls between 30-60 pounds.

In spite of being quite large, this dog was able to care for his puppy litter, who are also predicted to grow to be the same size as their father. Furthermore, they could bring in up to half a million dollars for their owner. Check out the video below!

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