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This elderly pup, with its teddy bear face, is perplexed as to why it has been brought back to the shelter for the seventh time.

This story is about an elderly shelter dog called Martin, who has been returned to the shelter a shocking 7 times! His initial surrender to the facility was done by his 89-year-old owner, who wanted to give him a much better life than he was able to provide. Samantha Ranlet, the marketing communications specialist from the SPCA, noted that Martin was quick to adjust to the shelter environment from the very first day, as he had always been an optimistic pup. With his teddy bear face, Martin was adopted and returned to the shelter a total of 7 times in only 2 months!

The SPCA shared Martin's story online in the expectation that he would find the loving home he deserves. Fortunately, the post was a great success; within 48 hours, the shelter had received numerous applications for adoption.

After assessing the applications, they were able to locate the ideal long-term home for him, as a couple with prior experience with elderly canines was chosen.

Despite the fact that Martin has settled into a fabulous life with his new family, he is still having to receive treatment for heartworm on the weekends. It's a heartwarming outcome!

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