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They allowed a stolen dog to pick its real owner, and the excited pup helped the judge to make a decision in seconds.

Judge Judy is renowned for her no-nonsense approach to adjudicating cases. Those who have seen her show are familiar with her tendency to speak her mind regarding a range of disputes. One case, however, likely resonated with dog-lovers for its illustration of the profound connection between a pup and its owner. Judge Judy was not fooled by the couple's argument over who the adorable white dog, Baby Boy, belonged to. The man had insisted the woman's dog had run away from home and been lost. Nevertheless, Judy was clear on the matter of ownership.

The defendant in the case had purchased the dog for $50 as a gift for her mother, but the plaintiff claimed that it was actually his missing pooch, 'Baby Boy', and had photos to prove it. The defendant, however, was adamant it was a completely different dog and had paperwork from her vet that stated it was 5 years old and a mixed breed. Judge Judy, though, wasn't particularly interested in the veterinary records, and instead ordered the defendant's friend to bring the canine in question into the courtroom to observe its reaction. It wasn't long before the small white pup was brought in, and upon seeing the plaintiff, its tail began to wag, seemingly settling the question of who its rightful owner was.

Every dog owner watching the video was already aware of what would come next. As soon as Judge Judy commanded the dog to be put on the ground, the tiny pup ran to the plaintiff. There was no doubt who the real owner was. The plaintiff was close to tears as he softly said "Baby Boy" and scooped up the little pup in his arms. This was surely one of the most heart-touching moments of Judge Judy's show.

Take a look at the video below:


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