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The woman spun around, confusion written on her face, when she noticed an inexplicable image of a dog in her bed.

Jo Constant and her partner were understandably perplexed when they turned around to discover that their three curious canine companions had decided to join them in bed - a classic dog optical illusion! After all, it's no secret that dogs are naturally inquisitive and love to be part of whatever their owners are doing.

Whenever Bear, a 84-pound-dog, Flippit, and Whippet get the chance to snuggle up with the humans under the duvet, they simply love it, according to Constant. But if one of the dogs decides to take over the bed by dragging off the duvet, it can be quite a challenge! One morning, when Constant woke up, she was greeted with a hilarious optical illusion of the bed, which made her reach for her phone to snap a picture! She later shared it with a caption joking, "That's what it's like when you share the bed with half a Whippet and half a human!"

It was as if she had a human in bed with her that had the form of a canine! Her plan was to capture the image before anyone could stir! Yet, it was totally natural for the dogs to be all over their folks or to be snuggled up on them while they slumbered! They were so oblivious to the happenings around them that they didn't even flinch! How amazing!

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