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The two canines at the shelter found solace in one another, exchanging comforting nose taps through the bars of their kennels.

When Sophia, a dog, arrived at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, she did her best to make her kennel feel like home. Despite her efforts, she still felt incredibly lonely. That was until Duke, her neighbor dog, showed her some support. Whenever she felt down, she'd pop her head over the wall to receive some comfort. Julie Saraceno, a shelter volunteer, was moved when she saw the two dogs comforting each other. She knew right away that this was something Sophia had done before.

The unlikely connection between Duke and Sophia was clear even though they were the total opposite; Duke being composed and Sophia being lively. It was evident that these two were stray together as they had the ability to console one another. Fortunately, Sophia was adopted by a benevolent family, although she will never forget what Duke did for her. Unfortunately, Duke is still waiting for a forever home where he may be able to provide the same solace he gave Sophia. How wonderful! Check out the video below.

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