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The staff at the pet shelter have noticed an uncanny resemblance between one of their dogs and actor Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd, the actor of Ant-Man and Wasp fame, has been requested by an animal shelter to adopt a pup that looks just like him. The Collierville Animal Shelter in Tennessee, US, contacted him through social media in the hope that he would give a male Australian Shepherd mix, originally named Waffle House, a loving forever home. As a tribute to the star, the shelter even renamed the dog Pawl Ruff.

You can find on Ruff's adoption page that he is an ideal life-long companion, the perfect best friend, amicable, laid-back, and tender.

Upon learning about Paul Rudd's story, he immediately made the decision to adopt him, thrilled to be given the chance to do so from a shelter. Paul Rudd is truly a hero, both in real life and on the silver screen!

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