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The pet owner asserted that she was not aware of the fact that her dog was starving to death.

A Grimsby Telegraph report details one of the worst cases of intentional animal neglect seen by an RSPCA inspector in the past decade - a cruel owner had starved their German shepherd, Queenie, to a mere 16.5 pounds. This occurred at the home of Sara and Richard Loche in Grimsby, England; 37-year-old Richard had already been convicted of animal neglect and was given a ten-year ban on owning any pets, in addition to a year of community service.

At the hearing, Wainwright commented that “I have seen dogs in better condition that were dead” after Queenie, a German shepherd, was taken to an emergency veterinarian and found to be in a severely emaciated state. There was no medical explanation for the dog’s condition, except that it had been starved to death. Queenie’s owner claimed she had been feeding the animal two or three meals a day and that its weight had been fluctuating. This led the RSPCA to launch an investigation on December 27, after a veterinary hospital staff member alerted them to Queenie's condition. The dog was humanely euthanized.

On Friday, Sara Loche was found guilty at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court for animal cruelty and disregarding the cause of her dog's drastic weight loss. As she failed to present herself in court, a warrant for her arrest has been issued. Wainwright, a witness, remarked, “We will have to wait for the sentence. It [the dog] was in the worst condition I have ever seen a living animal in. I have only seen them like that after they had passed away.”

It is reported that the couple has another dog that appears to be in good health, yet authorities say that a court order must be obtained before the animal can be taken out of the home.


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