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The owner of a baby animal, in its direst need, was abandoned in a box in a parking lot, and the owner drove away.

When his owner callously discarded him like garbage, a puppy was left feeling lost, scared, confused and lonely in a box at a parking lot. Fortunately, Shannon discovered the pup and decided to bring him home. Weighing in at 4 lbs and suffering from mange, the little pup was fighting for his life. Shannon took it upon herself to name him "Jiminy Cricket" and dedicate herself to reviving the pup's health and providing him with a life. Pets can be similar to children in this way - when abandoned, they can experience the same emotions.

After weeks of hard work and commitment, Jiminy Cricket began to flourish with Shannon's loving care. He developed into a companion that deeply moved Shannon and her family, and they could not bear to let him go as foster parents. In the end, they adopted Jiminy themselves! What a touching resolution for such a beloved friend! Check out the video below to witness Jiminy's journey, from almost dying in that box to enjoying every moment of his joyful life!

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