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The man abruptly brought his car to a halt when he saw a face he recognized emerge from the forest.

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Rian Feldman was sitting in the passenger seat, reflecting on the disappearance of her beloved dog Scout, when she began to talk to Scooter Belasco, the driver, about the pooch.

Out of the blue, a creature came bolting down the street right in front of the car! The driver reacted quickly, slamming on the brakes. The staff at Uncle Neil's Home animal sanctuary knew they had to act fast. Feldman thought it might be Scout, and so she sprinted off in pursuit. Fortunately, with Belasco's help, they managed to capture the canine. Scout was so relieved and overjoyed to be in the car.

Feldman commented that witnessing the joyous reunion of Scout and her family was the highlight of this rescue mission. He and Scooter had the privilege of bringing them together again and they all were overjoyed. Check out the video below and share this wonderful story with your loved ones.

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