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The little dog, who was guiding a flock of sheep, halted a man and asked him for assistance.

Mati Lillo, a surveyor, had been taking measurements of the countryside in southern Chile in order to map it out for a few weeks. This usually solitary job was interrupted when Lillo encountered a flock of sheep on the dusty road he was working on - it was evident that the animals had been misguided to the area. Upon inspection, Lillo discovered a shepherd dog, presumably the one responsible for guiding and guarding the sheep.

The dog saw that the sheep were off course and tried its hardest to get them to come to him, but it was a difficult task, so it went to Lillo requesting assistance in getting the sheep to turn in its direction.

Without hesitation, Lillo chose to assist the canine, having been taught to show compassion to animals. How inspiring! Check out the video below.

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