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The family dog believed that the girl was drowning and heroically rescued her from the shallow pool.

This story is about a heroic pup who believed he was saving a young girl from drowning in a pool in Mexico. In reality, the girl was wearing a life jacket and swimming in a shallow pool, but when her head went underwater the loyal pooch sprang into action. He grabbed onto the girl's jacket and tried his hardest to pull her to safety. You can see it all unfold in the video @happygabby40 posted to TikTok. The pup does his best to get the girl out of the pool, but unfortunately his efforts prove to be futile.

The little girl began giggling at what the pup was doing. However, the puppy was only trying to get his human sister to safety. So, he kept trying and ultimately succeeded in getting her to the grass.

The video quickly became an overnight sensation, garnering thousands of likes, views, and comments with people showing admiration for his swift action to protect his sister. Isn't that amazing? Check out the video below.

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