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The adorable dog brings his human brother the funniest things in a bid to win him over.

View this post on Instagram Denny Ku and his wife welcomed an eight-year-old corgi named Lilo into their family, who was incredibly friendly and affectionate. When the couple's wife became pregnant, Lilo showed no interest in her upcoming sibling, so they weren't sure how she would respond when they brought their newborn baby, Koa, home for the first time.

When Lilo first set eyes on her brother, she showered him with kisses which was not unexpected as she did this with everyone she encountered. But when the pet realized the baby was there to stay, she was uncertain how to respond. One day, the dog dropped a ball in Koa's bouncer, trying to entice him to play fetch with her. This funny sight struck the parents and they tried to explain to Lilo that her brother was too young to play fetch, but she didn't understand them. Nonetheless, she kept bringing toys to the infant, unaware he was still a baby, and she would show him her own toys, teaching him that anything could be a toy.

Lilo is incredibly devoted to her brother, even going so far as to take on the task of babysitting. Despite having plenty of beds to choose from, she opts to sleep on the floor near her brother's bassinet or bouncer - how precious! Check out the video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends. A post shared by STEPH FURRY (@aircorg)


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