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Smart Canine Outwits Veterinarians By Crafting Pill-Stuffed Sandwiches For Pillows

The Alicia Pet Care Center's staff are renowned for their ability to go the extra mile for their patients, as demonstrated when Bandit, a dog, refused to take his medication for a full week. Diana Gorin, APCC's social media marketing specialist, revealed that Bandit simply would not take his medicine. After consulting with his parents, the staff decided to employ the use of turkey sandwiches as a decoy to convince him.

Despite their best efforts, Bandit refused to eat the sandwiches they gave him. Instead, he decided to use them as pillows for his bed! The staff members tried to tempt the dog with different types of turkey, but Bandit wasn't interested in anything else - he just wanted to use the sandwiches to rest his head.

The team eventually hit upon a novel way to get Bandit to take his medication - by hiding it in a meatball. Much to their relief, it worked! For the next week, Bandit happily consumed his medicine tucked away in these tasty morsels. And, eventually, he was healthy enough to go back home - how amazing! Check out the video below to see the story unfold!

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