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Residents Request Freedom For Dog Who Has Been Chained Without Shelter From The Rain For Over A Month

The woman in Mexico was appalled when she witnessed her neighbor's dog being left tied up outside without food or water for more than a month, no matter what the weather. Knowing that she had to do something, she recorded the whole situation and shared it online to raise awareness. The video quickly went viral, prompting many people to urge authorities and rescue organizations to take immediate action and save the dog from their neglect.

PROPAEM, the Environmental Protection Agency of the Government of the State of Mexico, responded to the situation by taking the dog into their care. No further details were revealed, but they promised to inform the public of any new information via official channels. Check out the video below and be sure to share it with your loved ones.

Los usuarios de redes sociales denuncian el maltrato animal que un perro sufre en San Miguel Chalma, Tlalnepantla. Dicen que lo tienen siempre, pero no le dan de comer; solo le ponen un bote con agua. La Fiscalía del Estado de México ya está investigando. ¡Esperamos que los responsables sean castigados pronto! #Video ??? pic.twitter.com/YAOwf9mOXK


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