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Prince Harry displays an act of kindness towards a grieving pup in Windsor by giving him a gentle pet.

On Saturday, during their stroll around Windsor Castle, Prince Harry took the time to show kindness to a pup, leaving onlookers in awe! Sarah Gracie, the pup's owner, shared some pictures of the moment on her post to show other people how considerate Harry is. In the post, Gracie wrote that Louis, her puppy, was lucky enough to meet Harry and Meghan during their walkabout outside Windsor Castle.

Many people shared their thoughts about Prince Harry's endearing qualities after watching the video below. They said he was so cute, sweet, and kind - and his reaction to the dog was proof of that. It seemed like the pup could tell Harry was a good person, as it responded so well when he petted it. How amazing! Don't forget to watch the video below.

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