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Mom set up a roadside display with all the items her cat had stolen, so that her neighbors could take them back.

Esme, the cat belonging to Kate Felmet, was something of an embarrassment to her owner, as her thieving habits meant that apologies had to be made to the neighbours for whatever she had stolen - be it face masks, gloves or any other small item she could fit in her mouth. After the rounds of apologies, however, Kate came up with a great idea to tackle Esme's thieving ways.

Felmet recalled that her cat, Esme, had been bringing home bits of trash in 2019. But during the COVID-19 lockdown, Esme started bringing home face masks and other items during the day. Incredibly, she even managed to acquire 11 face masks in one day!

Felmet came to the realization that it would be a difficult task to go door-to-door in her neighborhood, so she chose to put out on the side of the road the items her cat had taken, for her neighbors to reclaim.

She displayed the items her cat had pilfered, with a large, red sign that stated if any of these items were yours, you could take them with the caveat that "My cat is a thief!" What a clever solution!

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