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It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of the owner in a car crash, leaving behind his beloved dog orphaned.

Gemini, who luckily avoided any harm during the accident, is now searching for a new home. On Friday, a terrible incident occurred on Interstate 95, when a 56-year-old man from Palm Beach County and his beloved canine companion were involved in a fatal car crash. Sadly, the driver, Sam Sonmez, lost his life. But, miraculously, Gemini, his dog, was unscathed. Without an owner now, Gemini is currently being taken care of by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control while they determine her next steps.

Gemini was a faithful companion to Sonmez, accompanying him to work every day. His colleagues sadly recall that Sonmez had no family to take in Gemini after his passing, making it unlikely that their wish for a guardian would come true. Joy Silver, one of Sonmez’s coworkers, remembers Gemini fondly as a soul who was devoted to her father. In an effort to provide comfort for the pup, Silver is exploring the possibility of getting some of Sonmez’s belongings so that the scent of her owner can remain. Sonmez had been living in the Lake Worth area. Dave Walesky, Director of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, shares that Gemini is an eight-year-old mix of Chow Chow and Labrador Retriever.

In conclusion, Walesky expressed his hope for a loving home to come forward and provide Gemini with a bright future. Various local foster organizations have reached out to animal services to express their interest in caring for her. Once she is released from the county's hold, she will become available for adoption. Animal services will be facilitating the communication between her and the sanctuaries, to determine if they are willing to adopt her. Despite displaying some signs of fearfulness, Walesky likened her current environment to a large shelter, which is understandable given the tragedy that befell her. He is eager for someone to come forward and give her the opportunity to heal and continue spreading joy with her presence.

Walesky reassured Jill Wentzel, an animal advocate from Michigan, that after Gemini becomes accustomed to her new environment and is settled in, she has the potential to be a great dog. Wentzel had brought Gemini's story to WPTV's attention by sharing it on Facebook and mentioned that she is working together with Sonmez's colleagues at two South Florida rescues, X Port Paws and My Why Rescue, to attempt to find a permanent home for her.


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