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It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of a healthy 14-month-old puppy while residing at the puppy training facility.

The Zazzarino sisters, Christina and Celia of Sydney, are grief-stricken after the sudden and tragic loss of their 14 month old puppy, Winnie (Wiston), following a week of training at a dog facility. Realizing Winnie needed the help of a professional at such a young age, the sisters searched online for a reliable centre.

After looking at the positive reviews, the family chose a Sydney-based training facility and made arrangements for Winnie to stay there for two weeks. Before departing, the family had him examined by the vet to make sure he was in good condition. Sadly, less than a week later, Winnie passed away unexpectedly, leaving his sisters heartbroken. They had paid $1,515 for his two-week stay at the facility.

On the fourth day of Winnie's stay at the facility, Christina and Celia received concerning news from the staff member who called them - he informed them that Winnie hadn't eaten in four days. Despite their worries, they placed their trust in the expertise of the caretakers and provided information about his favorite food so it could be purchased. After a week without any updates on his condition, Celia decided to proactively reach out to the chief trainer with a text message to inquire about Winnie's wellbeing.

Celia was relieved to hear that Winnie was doing okay and that his appetite had improved; however, later that same day, his condition deteriorated drastically and she was informed that he was being taken to the vet. The trainers told her that he was dehydrated and had stomach issues, but reassured her that he was receiving medication and hydration.

Christina and Celia desperately sought to bring Winnie home amidst the concerning news. Despite their faith in the training facility's capability to look after their pup, they were told that he was doing well. Heartbroken by their beloved companion's passing, they were comforted slightly by the pictures of Winnie and the assurance that he seemed to be recovering.

The Zazzarinos had a moment of relief before they were hit with the painful news shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, Winnie failed to get better and, tragically, never made it home. Celina and Christina had to say goodbye to him at the vet's office, where they noticed his severe weight loss first-hand. Vet Dr. Rob Zammit was concerned about Winnie's critical state and stated that he was 'clearly very ill' and that the trainers should have noticed the signs sooner.

Zammit made it clear that it is the obligation of professional trainers to be aware of any signs of sickness in dogs and to make wise decisions about their health. He was adamant about notifying owners right away if their dog is not eating and is rapidly losing weight, declaring forcefully that "the situation is not working and they must come get their dog". To get help and understanding, the Zazzarinos went to social media to relate their story at the training facility. Their story resonated with readers from all over, quickly gaining a lot of attention and going viral. As a result, they were given a refund for their expenses as well as help covering the cost of Winnies medical expenses.

The chief trainer attempted to disprove the allegations by sending a legal letter to A Current Affair in which he denied any wrongdoing and insisted Winnie was already 'underweight' at the time of his arrival to their facility. Celina and Christina, still awaiting autopsy results to reveal the exact cause of Winnie's unfortunate death, look forward to finding closure in their deep sorrow.


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