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Her Husband posed a difficult question to her: she had to decide between him or her dogs, and without a moment's hesitation she made her choice.

When Liz Haslam made the decision to have pets, she was aware of the fact that they would become an integral part of her life. To accommodate her new furry friends, she and her husband used their half-acre plot of land in Barnham, Suffolk, to provide a home for the bull terriers she rescues.

Liz devotes almost eighty hours a day to the care of the dogs in her organization, Beds for Bullies. She provides them with attention, affection, and the necessary medical care to ensure their health, as well as taking them out for walks. The organization can house up to 30 dogs at any given time, some of which may have already been abandoned or have developed behavioral problems.

Mike, feeling neglected by his wife, had had enough. He bluntly asked her to make a choice between him and the dogs. Liz didn't hesitate for a moment and chose the dogs, arguing that if she abandoned them, no one else would take care of them.

Liz was taken aback when her husband of 25 years posed such a question to her, as he was well aware that she would never abandon the dogs. She mentioned that her former partner had not spoken to her since then, even though they have a son in his twenties. What are your thoughts on this?

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