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He was forced to give up his two beloved dogs, resulting in them being put to sleep, due to his girlfriend's distaste for them.

Cosmo, the lab mix, and Sam, the Pointer, had been living happily with their people in Illinois for 10 years, until their owners' divorce sent things spiraling downhill. When the father moved in with his girlfriend, the couple unfortunately did not welcome the dogs into their home. As a result, he took them to the vet in Portage, Ill., in order to be euthanized rather than rehoming them.

Thankfully, the vet denied the man's request to euthanize his dogs, which they refer to as "euthanasia of comfort," since the animals were in good health and had friendly dispositions.

Regrettably, homeowners may find themselves having to part with their pets for a variety of personal or practical reasons, ranging from allergies and divorce to travel, job loss, or bereavement.

Tiffany and Eric Dybas, a couple from Lockport, Illinois, heard about the 2 dogs' unfortunate circumstances and decided to provide them with the life they deserved. After being taken to the Peoples Animal Welfare Society in Tinley Park, Ill., they were brought to Begin Again Rescue Co. Soon after, the Dybas welcomed them into their home.

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