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Giant Dog is absolutely fixated on donning his 'Crocs'.

Hooch, a colossal canine, is an attention seeker who never ceases to surprise her owners. No matter what activity she's engaged in, she is consistently filled with enthusiasm. She cherishes protecting her paws with booties, which her mama found particularly endearing. Consequently, when her mama spotted an online ad for "crocs", she immediately bought them for Hooch. Though the notion was to take a picture of her modeling them, Hooch became enamored with them the moment she slipped them on!

Holly Smith, mother of Hooch, noted that her canine was filled with enthusiasm when she put on her crocs. She never takes them off and does everything while wearing them! Holly also mentioned that she will purchase additional pairs of crocs for her pup.

She delights in seeing her don them; how charming!

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