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Freddy the Great Dane is the tallest dog ever recorded, standing at a whopping 7 feet or more!

Freddy, a Great Dane, is one of the biggest dogs in the world. But he takes it to an entirely new level of enormity - tipping the scales at an astounding 200lbs and towering at a remarkable 7ft 6 inches. His size earned him a Guinness World Records certificate for being the tallest dog in the world.

Claire Stoneman, Freddy's owner, states that although she was aware that her dog would be one of the tallest dogs in the world, she did not anticipate him to be the tallest. In spite of this, she expresses immense pride in her canine companion.

Although Freddy is rather large, he enjoys the same activities as humans, such as chewing and taking naps on the couch. He is also gentle and a devoted companion to his sister Claire. Photos and videos of Freddy are often posted on Instagram.

Claire shells out thousands of dollars a year to ensure that Fleur and Freddy remain healthy and contented, but she is content with what she does for them.

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