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Enamored Canine Discovered How To Utilize Ladder To Catch A Glimpse Of His Beloved

Daniel Espino, the owner of Konan, captured a video of his pup to demonstrate his talents to his daughter without ever anticipating that it would become a viral sensation. Dogs are always learning new tricks that leave their owners astonished! But this canine's trick left everyone who watched it in utter amazement! Konan has quite the technique when he wants to visit his canine sweetheart.

Konan, the Mexican Chihuahua, was determined to reach his beloved, who was waiting for him atop the roof of the house. Nothing could stand in the way of his desire for reuniting with his love, not even a tall ladder. The video below shows the courageous pup making his way up the steps with great caution, until he finally reaches his girlfriend. One can also witness the other Chihuahua's enthusiasm and encouragement as she eagerly cheers on her beau.

The final step was the most challenging, but the two canines eventually found each other. As soon as they were reunited, their tails started wagging in pure joy. Since it was posted on Facebook, the video has garnered more than 28,000 likes and 6.5 million views. People all over commented about how wonderful the moment was and thanked Daniel Espino for capturing it. Check out the video below!

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