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Dad returned home and was surprised to find his beloved Golden Retriever with a new companion.

This tale recounts Crosby's tale of woe, having lost both his beloved feline companion and canine chums over a span of six months and one month ago.

At first, Crosby endured a tough period as he yearned for another companion for life. Yet, he is remarkable and dedicated to his family and friends. One day, Crosby's owner returned home to find his dog trying to get his attention and he dashed into the bathroom to find an unfamiliar kitten and he pondered how she could have come in; however, it had to have been Crosby who brought her in.

Crosby was astonished to find that the kitten had an uncanny resemblance to his lost feline friend. There were no neighbors who claimed her, so he took her to the vet. She was not microchipped, however, she had recently been spayed and was estimated to be around 4 months old.

The man tried to bring the cat to the shelter, but due to it being at full capacity, he decided to bring her home and make her a part of the family. Crosby and the cat quickly became best friends and are now inseparable. Without Crosby's loving personality and actions, this cat might not have ever found a loving home. Check out the video below!

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