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Brave Sheepdog Battles 11 Coyotes To Defend The Flock

John Wierwiller's sheepdog, Casper, put up a valiant effort while defending his flock from 11 coyotes. WAGA-TV reported that the 40-minute fight left the dog missing for two days, prompting worry from everyone on the farm. Blood and parts of Casper's tail were found at the scene, which made it clear to the Wierwillers that the pup had been hurt. When Casper eventually returned, his injuries were visible.

Wierwiller brought him to an animal hospital in need of treatment, which was sure to be costly. Fortunately, The LifeLine Animal Project, an organization committed to putting an end to the euthanizing of healthy animals, came to the rescue. They set up a GoFundMe page to raise $15,000, and they have already exceeded that goal. The extra money will be used to assist other animals in need. Check out the video below!

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