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Behold Titus, the Pit Bull Cheetah, an unbelievably rare breed that the Internet can scarcely believe is real!

In this article, you will come across one of the rarest dogs in the whole world. When you lay eyes upon him, you may be mistaken in believing he is a Cheetah - however, he is simply a very rare breed of canine, and the only one of his kind.

It's no surprise to see Titus, the Albanian Pit Bull, a rare breed. He is truly one of a kind! Just two weeks ago, his photo went viral on the internet and he became an instant hit. While there are other dogs with similar cheetah markings, they are not as commonplace as Titus.

Many people employ a variety of methods to give their dogs the same appearance as Titus, and they even resort to sorcery to achieve this.

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