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An EMT has taken in a bereaved pup he encountered on his route to the hospital.

Picture the scene of a twelve-year-old pup named Sammy, full of love for her dad, when suddenly his life was taken away. It seemed as if there was no hope of starting over until two EMTs stepped in and changed the story. Tegan Sliva recounted the emotional moment, saying that Sammy was crying so hard in her arms, unwilling to let go of her beloved dad. However, fate had other plans for Sammy, granting her a second chance at life.

Tegan and Kirk, her EMT partner, made the decision to take in Sammy, since she had no other option besides a shelter. Sliva said they offered her water and used wet wipes to clean her off, since she was covered in dust. Until Kirk was off work, his girlfriend looked after Sammy. After the day was done, both Kirk and his girlfriend chose to adopt Sammy permanently. She now has an amazing life, thanks to them, and a big sister named Kaley. It's a beautiful ending! Check out the video below to see more.

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