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An elderly canine, who had been abandoned at a gas station, was adopted and now works full-time at the same station.

Sabrina Planner and her partner, who acquired a gas station in the town of Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, a couple of years ago, encountered a stray dog on the premises. It seemed as though the dog had been dumped there by its former owners. Fortunately, the couple decided to take him in and make him their own, full-time employee!

Planner decided to give Negao a home and a name. They immediately took him to the vet to get him vaccinated and dewormed, and bought him food, a bed, and a leash for his daily walks. Once the gas station was operational, Planner gifted Negao an official employee ID badge and a uniform, and the senior pup has since proved his worth in providing world-class customer service - anyone who has visited the station has no doubt been thrilled to meet the adorable doggo!

Negao eagerly awaits for arrivals, greeting them with his affable personality and leaving a lasting impression. His endearing nature has certainly won the hearts of patrons, some of whom even bring him gifts as tokens of appreciation.

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