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After a 9-day trek and 35 miles of wilderness, a lost dog miraculously found her way back home.

On June 27th, Kris Anderson, a 64 year old experienced hiker, took her 8-year-old dog, Georgia, and her other pooch to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in a rugged area of Southern California. She informed ABC News that Georgia had barked and ran off twice prior to this, but had always returned. However, on this occasion, the pup has yet to come back.

Georgia the Shar-Pei mix was no stranger to survival, having been rescued from Hurricane Katrina. She drew upon her remarkable abilities to make it home, trekking 35 miles over the course of nine days to do so safely and soundly.

Anderson revealed that her faith had been tested after nine days of waiting, and she was stunned to see Georgia back home, just a few pounds lighter and somewhat dehydrated from the journey. She noted that Georgia wasn't just a dog to her, but was her baby.

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