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A young girl rescued a large dog from the market, as it had not been loved and was simply longing for some warmth and happiness.

When the poor sheepdog was attacked by a pack of aggressive dogs, a brave man stepped in and decided to take the big dog with him home and adopt him. The man's daughter was ecstatic when she saw the pup, and she quickly named him Dolph. After taking the dog to the vet for an examination, it was discovered that Dolph was in good health, though he needed to gain some weight. Upon his return, the girl was delighted to have a new companion, and the cute pup is now living a wonderful life, going on wonderful excursions with his owner around the city.

The family had no choice but to purchase two robotic vacuum cleaners in order to pick up all the dog hair that had been scattered about the house, keeping the home tidy. Moreover, Dolph and the little girl are the best of friends; they do practically everything together.

The girl cherishes her dog more than anything, and desires to remain with him for eternity.

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