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A woman was caught on video hurling a disabled dog out of her car.

In Brazil, a disturbing case of animal abandonment was caught on video. A woman was seen taking two dogs out of her car and throwing Tintin, the disabled one, out of the car. She then proceeded to kick him in the face. Tintin, obviously in distress, attempted to get back in the car, but the woman's cruelty denied him the chance. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found the poor pup and returned him to the woman, who later moved him to another location and abandoned him again.

Tintin, the distressed animal, was thankfully saved by the local animal protection services. Animal lovers everywhere are calling for the double-dealing owner to be barred from having any pets because they feel she does not deserve them. It is our hope that the authorities will be able to locate her and provide her with the punishment that she deserves.

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