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A woman has requested that a veterinarian euthanize her dog due to its barking at people.

Lucie Holmes, the founder of Lucies Animal Rescue in Thirsk North Yorkshire, recently received a call from a woman asking if they could take in her two-year-old breed dog, Markus. Unfortunately, the shelter was already full and couldn't accommodate any more animals. However, two hours later, Lucie received another call from a veterinarian informing her that the owner had asked for Markus to be euthanized due to his barking behavior. Fortunately, the veterinarian refused the request. With nine dogs and thirty-four kittens already in need of homes, Mrs. Holmes and her engineer husband decided to open their own home to Markus and offer him a place to stay.

The owner of Markus told Mrs. Holmes in messages shared with the BBC that she wanted to rehome him due to his barking at cyclists, cars, and other dogs. She also mentioned that he had not been trained by her, but had been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. When Mrs. Holmes told her that all the rooms were currently taken but promised to let her know when one became available, she politely asked, "When do you think that will be?"

Before Mrs. Holmes could respond, a call came in from a veterinary clinic informing her about "a woman who had just arrived intending to euthanize her own dog." Out of concern for Markus, Mrs. Holmes immediately got in touch with his owner and offered to take him in, emphasizing that though she doesn't want to discourage people from seeking help, she does urge them to "consider" and "do some research" before getting a pet.

She advised that it is important to invest time in research and to give dogs the chance to become accustomed. Just as one would not anticipate a toddler to instantly be overjoyed on their first day at daycare, the same goes for dogs.

The veterinarians consulted by the BBC verified that Markus had been adopted by a rescue organization, but offered no further details. Attempts made by the BBC to get in touch with the owner were unsuccessful.


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