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A woman committed the unthinkable act of stealing a car with a dog still inside, parking it in the sweltering heat and leaving the animal to die.

Leslie Aguillard, a 31-year-old Louisiana resident, was sentenced to 12 years in jail after stealing a truck containing a man and his dog, only to leave the animal to perish in the sweltering heat.

David Mohr's truck was left idling in front of a doughnut shop when it was taken by Aguillard. Despite Roleaux, Mohr's dog, trying to prevent the theft, it was unsuccessful and resulted in the pup being hit by the vehicle twice.

The woman, under the influence of drugs, admitted her guilt for multiple offenses, such as aggravated second-degree battery, aggravated animal cruelty, and carjacking. She was responsible for stealing the truck and leaving it in a sweltering parking lot with a dog locked inside; the animal subsequently perished due to the heat. As a result, the woman has been sentenced to a 12-year prison term.

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