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A visually impaired canine with cardiac problems becomes a lifeline for a woman who is monocular.

Donna Hendrie had a special bond with Scout, a cute blind dog who was on the brink of being euthanized after being ignored by potential adopters for so long. Donna knew exactly what Scout was going through, having only one eye herself. But with Donna in his life, everything changed for Scout.

The 12-year-old canine has been honored with the title of "Partner of the Year" for his compassion and courage towards Donna. His presence boosted Donna's morale as she had become increasingly anxious and overwhelmed after losing her eye and refusing to don an eye patch, as noted by Tracey Ison, Donna's sister.

In 2011, Donna and Tracey adopted a dog from the shelter, but the staff there warned them that he wouldn't last more than a year. Despite this, Scout has not only been alive, but he has transformed Donna and Tracey's lives in ways they never could have imagined, and they are so happy for it.

They also hope that people will extend the same kindness towards disabled dogs, as it can truly make a difference in their lives - how wonderful!

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