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A Supermarket has outfitted its Shopping Carts with a Pet-Friendly Space, so that shoppers can bring their furry friends along for the ride.

A supermarket in Brazil called Baggio created special carts to allow shoppers to take their pets inside with them. This was seen as a great benefit to pet owners, however, some customers were not pleased with the idea of having animals inside the store. Tania Furtado, a Facebook account, posted pictures of people shopping in the supermarket with their canine companions in the carts.

Many have been awed by the thought, which has been dubbed one of the greatest ever, yet others don't think it's that great due to their aversion to having pets in the area where they purchase food.

Most people living in the city seem to be in favour of the new idea, as it gives them the opportunity to not leave their pets alone in a car or house while they go shopping. What do you think of this?

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