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A stray dog rushed up to a woman in the woods, imploring her to come with it.

Check out this post on Instagram by Miracles For Satos Rescue ✨?✨ (@miraclesforsatosrescue)!

As Ashley Boggs drove down a winding forest road in Puerto Rico, she noticed a car that had been stopped ahead of her for some time. Instantly, she sensed something was amiss. But she had no idea that the vehicle had abandoned a dog in the middle of a busy road, leaving it to fend for itself.

The little brown dog was so desperate to get aid not just for herself, but for her babies close by. The woman, who had experience with such situations from her work with Miracles for Satos Rescue, decided to follow the pup. She found two puppies near the bustling street and, along with their mother, loaded them into her vehicle. She drove to investigate the wooded area after hearing cries and was amazed to discover more than one pup!

Boggs stumbled upon 4 puppies in the woods and decided to take them all to her car so the canine family would be reunited! It was so heartbreaking to see there was no food or water in the area, and the pups wouldn't have survived if they weren't found. All of the dogs were taken to the shelter where, on the way there, their mama, who was named Goji, couldn't stop showering Boggs with hugs and kisses to show her gratitude. It's amazing that two of the puppies have already been adopted, and the rest of the family and their mama will surely be adopted soon too as they are so lovable and affectionate. Check out the video below to see their story.

Spread the word to your loved ones - Miracles For Satos Rescue is doing incredible work! Check out their page @miraclesforsatosrescue for more information.


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