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A shy pup, who'd been stranded in the desert and had waited for a home for 6 years, was sadly rejected despite his plight.

The Desert Animal Protection Society based in North Palm Springs recently rescued a puppy, named Chesbro, who had been abandoned in the desert. Despite the shelter's staff doing their utmost to find a forever home for him, Chesbro is now six years old and remains without a permanent residence. Cali Treviño, the shelter's marketing officer, described Chesbro as an adventurous, gentle and peaceful dog who quickly captures the hearts of those who meet him. Treviño expressed surprise that Chesbro has been living in the shelter for more than six years without being adopted.

He also noted that those who visit the shelter in search of a canine companion tend to be looking for one that will be instantly comfortable with them, happily sitting in their lap within moments of being introduced. Unfortunately, Chesbro does not fit this description, which is why he has been overlooked for so long.

Despite that, Chesbro is an affable individual with both people and other animals, and would make a great pet in a home with animals like cats and dogs. However, he would do best in a relaxed environment with semi-active owners. We hope that he will find a loving and permanent home that he deserves. Please take a look at the video below.

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