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A runaway pup was saved from drowning in a pond after it had fallen in.

A near-disaster occurred at the Grupo México lake in Parral, Mexico, when a pup, while walking with its owner, a young girl, suddenly tumbled into the water. According to El Sol de Parral, the dog had swum out too far and was stuck in the middle of the lake, beyond the reach of the girl and her family. Thus, they called for help from emergency services, who were fortunately able to arrive in time. The pup had valiantly fought to keep its head above water until help arrived.

The dog was exhausted from his prolonged struggle, so the rescuers acted swiftly to save him. They plunged into the water and secured a rope around him, then dragged him to the safety of dry land.

The little girl, having been made safe, ran to her pup and embraced him with all the emotion she could muster, tears streaming down her cheeks. It was an incredibly touching moment.

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