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A puppy was spotted riding a scooter while accompanying its owner on a tour of the city.

Having a pet can motivate people to do whatever they can to make them content and thrilled. Many owners get their pets whatever they desire such as stuffed animals, snacks, and bedding. However, one man went the extra mile and bought a scooter for his dog. The pup is now able to accompany his master on his travels, riding the scooter as they go about their business. The video below shows the gentleman and his four-legged friend, with the dog operating the scooter by itself as if it had been trained to do so! The man was not at all worried about being filmed or what people's reactions would be.

@Zhainis shared a video on Twitter and it quickly gained immense popularity, garnering thousands of retweets, views, and comments. People were in total awe of the video, praising the owner for trusting his canine companion to ride a scooter. However, some voiced their concern about the potential danger to the pup. Check out the incredible video below!

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