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A pair stumbled upon their missing pooch after she leapt from a car window during an accident.

Duane and Stefanie Lindsay had a wonderful day at the beach with their 3-year-old dog, Roo. However, their joy did not last long as on their way home they encountered a terrible car accident. As they were driving back to their home in El Dorado County, California, their car was struck by another car that was going 105 kph. Fortunately, the accident only did serious damage to the car, flipping it and leaving it upright. When they checked on each other, they realized that their dog was missing from the back seat! Upon further investigation, they noticed the back window had been blown out and, assuming the worst, the couple feared that their beloved pet had perished. Not giving up, Duane started to scour the area while Stefanie called for an ambulance.

While they waited for the ambulance, Duane and Stefanie scoured the grass and street nearby, yet to no avail. With a head wound, Duane was transported to the hospital while the highway patrol and firefighters used thermal sensors to search for Roo in the area. The doctors determined Duane had a fractured sternum, but Stefanie was unscathed. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, Stefanie was not able to stay with her husband; and so, she returned to the area in pursuit of Roo. Despite not finding her, Stefanie was determined not to give up. She posted about Roo on social media in hope of getting people to help. Miraculously, someone tipped them off on Facebook, leading them to a neighborhood near them that had Roo, sitting quietly beneath a tree.

Once Roo spotted Stefanie, she sprinted towards her. Thankfully, Roo was ok although she had sustained minor soft tissue trauma and some abrasions. It was a fortunate conclusion! Check out the video below.

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