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A man was overcome with emotion upon being reunited with his dog after it had escaped while the man was in a coma.

On April 18, Bubba Nulisch awoke from an induced coma, only to find himself facing two heartbreaking events. Not only had he lost his treasured pet dog, Bullet, during his hospital stay, but he also received devastating news that someone had informed him over the phone that Bullet had gone missing from their home in Grand Prairie, Texas on May 22. This news left Bubba in inconsolable grief; Bullet was not merely a dog to him, but his closest confidant and ally. Prior to their paths crossing, Bubba had been forced to retire from his lifelong truck driving career in October 2015 due to medical conditions, leaving him despondent.

Bubba yearned to find fulfillment in employment instead of relying on government aid. Despite life not unfolding as expected, he found solace in an unexpected companion. This was Bullet, a pup he adopted from his temporary abode. Despite not understanding why or how it had happened, Bubba and Bullet soon developed an unbreakable bond, which was characterized by endless loyalty and love.

Bubba was overjoyed to have Bullet in his life, as the pup had greatly improved his emotional wellbeing. But when he ended up in the hospital, Bullet went missing, leaving him devastated. In his distress, he turned to Facebook to reach out to lost pet groups, praying that someone had spotted his beloved dog. "I was broken when he vanished," he said. "I kept praying for his safety and wished that he would be found." The lack of his faithful companion was a huge burden for him, making each day a struggle. Fortunately, reaching out to Facebook groups for missing canines was the turning point for Bubba.

On June 4th, Bubba found tremendous relief when he heard Bullet had been rescued and taken into foster care. Kim Joppie, the operator of a dog rescue in Dallas, Texas, noticed Bubba's cries for help on Facebook and was eager to assist in reuniting them. This meeting was only possible due to her kind actions.

Kim made sure Bullet was neutered and had a microchip implanted. On June 13th she took the trip to Bubbas' rehabilitation facility, Bullet right by her side. Recalling the reunion, Kim said she couldn't truly express the raw emotion she saw on Bubbas' face. Their bond was unquestionably strong and incredibly beautiful.

Bubba was determined to reunite with Bullet, his beloved furry friend, when he saw him on Facebook. He declared that nothing would stop him from being reunited, not even his hospital stay. Tears streaming down his face, Bubba spoke of how Kim had come into his life at a time of desperation and had gone above and beyond to reunite him with Bullet. This act of kindness would never be forgotten. When Bubba was finally reunited with Bullet, the relieved joy was impossible to put into words. Bullet has been Bubba's constant companion ever since. Bubba happily reported that they have both returned home and now spend their days together watching their favorite TV shows.


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