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A man bound a helpless puppy and fired pellets from a BB gun at him.

A woman in Maryland witnessed a cruel act by Conrad Benjamin Morris, a 46-year-old man, as he shot a poor dog with a BB gun. She promptly reported the incident to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, saying that the black Labrador Retriever mix was shot 8 times in a neighbor's yard and 4 times in Morris' own yard. Fortunately, the dog survived the ordeal, and was taken to receive medical attention at a vet.

Following an examination, veterinarians discovered two old BB pellets lodged in the dog's skin. Morris, confessing that the canine was not his, admitted to supplying food to the canine after securing him with a rope. He further revealed his intention to shoot the dog. As a result, he was charged with animal cruelty and subsequently taken into custody. He will have a preliminary hearing in the near future.

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