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A heartless dog owner has been apprehended after being seen chucking a pup out of their car window across the road.

Once more, a person notorious for their inhumane treatment of animals has been caught on camera carrying out abhorrent acts of aggression against defenceless creatures. This time, the shocking video shows them callously hurling a small pup out of a vehicle, causing it to skid along the road in a hazardous manner. Furthermore, the same individual is seen heartlessly chucking a French Bulldog across the street after roughly grasping it by its nape and forcefully launching it away. The terror that the dog felt is evident in the footage as it tumbles onto its back and quickly recovers onto its stomach, skidding along the road in fear. All the while, not displaying the slightest concern for the pet's welfare.

The individual discarded the animals from a friend's vehicle, exchanged signs with the driver, and then proceeded into a nearby house with an apathetic attitude. This apathetic action left the distressed dog alone on the side of the road until it was eventually called across. Both of these occurrences are being examined by the RSPCA, and there is strong proof that the videos show the same person – an individual with a history of animal cruelty.

It is believed that the latest video was filmed in May, several weeks before the assault on an XL Bully pup, as seen in another recorded incident, both of which happened in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire county. According to a source who submitted the second video clip to MailOnline, "it is beyond doubt that the same person is responsible for both attacks captured on film". This person has gained notoriety for their continued mistreatment of animals. The newly surfaced video appears to have been recorded before their assault on an XL Bully pup and shows them throwing what appears to be a young French Bulldog around two or three feet into the air and across a road. Although it is impossible to determine the exact level of injury caused by such abuse, the dog's reaction is an indication of sheer terror.

Motionless on the side of the road, the man's fearful and apprehensive nature is only further highlighted by his patient waiting. Sadly, it is clear that the possible consequences of his actions mean nothing to him, as evidenced by the friendly wave he shares with a companion before entering his home. This case isn't the first time this man has been involved in mistreatment of animals; police officers reported that he had previously subjected an XL Bully dog to similar cruelty, as captured on a doorbell camera. The recent footage released by MailOnline only further confirms that no dog is safe in his presence, as he can be seen dragging a small dog along by a leash.

When the animal failed to cooperate, he resorted to kneeling and angrily shouting, "Come on, no come here." The situation then worsened as this brute struck the vulnerable puppy five times out of frustration before demanding it "Move!" Disturbing footage from last Friday showed the poor creature sobbing and whimpering in agony. The video was only 23 seconds long and ended with the man later returning with another canine companion, both heading away from each other. His hostile rant was heard clearly as he cruelly declared "I don't want it, no want it no more, he can f**k off."

A concerned member of society, appalled at the inhumane scene they had come across, took to social media to express their outrage and call for public identification and action to be taken against the owner of the dogs. They wrote, "NAME & SHAME and get him stopped from owning dogs; if he can act with such cruelty in broad daylight, one can only imagine what he's doing behind closed doors." It is clear that the puppy did not want the man either, as evidenced by his own statement. Local resident Charlotte Percy described him as "despicable," while Carl Headland questioned why someone who harbors such disdain for animals would even choose to have them in their company. He expressed his sympathy for the puppy, saying "The poor baby." It is now understood that the XL bully was returned to its breeder, who then ensured its safety at a secure location. With the video of the incident circulating across various internet platforms and capturing public attention, the RSPCA have made an appeal to the public to help identify the individual responsible. In light of these serious concerns, a representative from the RSPCA released a statement confirming they are fully aware of the situation and are actively investigating it.


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