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A giant pitbull from a shelter who was in search of a family to call his own, has been adopted.

Sadly, pit bulls often have a bad reputation for being aggressive and dangerous, but this is far from the truth - like any other dog, pit bulls can be just as friendly. To find a home for a huge 103-pound pit bull recently brought into the shelter, Ventura County Animal Services shared his story in the hopes of finding him a new family. Miraculously, Ace was adopted by a family who'd been temporarily looking after him for another family member. When no one came to take him home, they decided to surrender him back to the shelter. But despite his size, Ace is still gentle, smart, and loving around children and other animals.

The shelter posted about Ace's story on Facebook in the hopes that some people would come forward to adopt him. Miraculously, Ace's story spread rapidly, leading to a great influx of adoption offers.

In just four days, Ace was taken in by a family full of love, and he was elated. What a delightful conclusion!

Please pass this along to your family and friends.


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