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A German Shepherd heroically treaded water for 11 hours to rescue its owner after their boat sank.

The plight of Heidi, a German Shepherd, and her 63-year-old owner, stuck in the middle of the sea in their boat off the coast of Australia, is a story of many troubles. Power was lost in the boat, which began to take on water and left them stranded in the water.

Heidi, the heroic dog, kept her owner afloat in the water for nearly eleven hours by treading, while they clung to a piece of wood from the boat that had sunk. Alerted by a fisherman, the authorities were swiftly informed of the situation.

After being relocated to Manly Boat Harbour, the Volunteer Marine Rescue, Volunteer Marine Coast Guard, Marine Safety Queensland jet ski, four police vessels, and a helicopter were all sent out to search for the owner. Thankfully, they were successful and located the owner, who had been clinging to his boat, after three hours of searching. Miraculously, the owner and his canine companion were both unharmed after their extended time spent in the water.

Heidi's brave act of treading water likely saved her owner's life! This just goes to show that dogs really are man's best friend. Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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