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A formerly un-adoptable Deaf Pit Bull now serves as a Drug Detection K9.

Ghost, a deaf pit bull mix, had been labeled "unadoptable" due to his disability. But, fortunately, Swamp Haven Rescue discovered him in a Florida pound and transferred him to Port Angeles, Washington. There, the K-9 Program Manager for the state's Department of Corrections and experienced dog trainer, Barb Davenport, recognized his potential. She noted that, despite his hearing impairment, Ghost was more focused than other dogs. Davenport believes Ghost to be the first deaf dog in the country, as she has been training dogs for the state since the 1980s.

Come January, the courageous pup began a search for drugs in highly guarded state facilities such as prisons. He has shown himself to be a masterful narcotics investigator and the story has a happy ending! Check out the video below to see!

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