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A duo who took in a small rescue dog soon discovered that they had welcomed something entirely different into their lives.

When Sue Markham decided to adopt a pup from the shelter, she had no idea what kind of surprise was in store. Robert Markham wasn't exactly enthused by the prospect of getting a canine companion, but thankfully he eventually assented. Ultimately, it was a Jack Russell terrier that Sue brought home, and she couldn't have been more pleased.

The Markhams gave the pup the name of Yogi Bear, but it wasn't too long before he began to outgrow the size of a small pup. It eventually became evident to the Markhams that Yogi was, in fact, a Boston Great Dane and not the Jack Russell terrier they were originally informed. Even though it was quite a surprise, the Markhams have accepted it and showered their beloved dog with lots of love and attention.

Weighing in at a hefty 200 pounds and standing 6 feet tall from nose to tail, Yogi Bear has become an integral part of Sue Markham's life. As Sue remarked to the Daily Mail, "I thought to myself, 'How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?'" By the time Yogi had reached five months of age, he was already towering over the other Jack Russells - with his tongue hanging out and his tail resembling a baseball bat. But this doesn't stop Yogi Bear from having a good time! He even has a canine companion called Toffee who loves to cuddle and relax with him.

The Markhams were not expecting to get a dog of Yogi's size, but they are thankful that they did. This has led to a larger appetite, and they spend $235 a month on food for him. Yogi particularly enjoys scrambled eggs and sausages. All in all, the Markhams are grateful for their decision to get Yogi!

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