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A duo asserted that they had completely forgotten their four canines were inside their car when they locked it for several hours.

The K9 officer in Bristol provided a timely rescue for four hound-mix puppies who were panting and in distress in a locked, hot car. With haste, he provided them with water and transferred them to his air-conditioned patrol car, where they are now safe. We are grateful for the officer's quick action.

James Brian Hughes and Carolyne Amanda Hartley, aged 29 from Abingdon, were apprehended after being reported missing for hours. They are now facing four charges of animal cruelty. The negligent owners state that the canines were forgotten in the car while they were on their way to the court. The puppies have now been taken to an animal shelter, and are in good health.

Check out the video below! Please share this with your loved ones.


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