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A dog reunited with its owner's mother at Walmart after having been missing for three weeks.

This narrative illustrates that dogs are among the shrewdest animals on the planet. On November 8th, June Rountree's four-year-old canine, Abby, vanished from her backyard. Despite spending several hours searching for their pooch, Mr. and Mrs. Rountree were unable to locate her.

After three weeks, Danielle Robinette, an employee of the Walmart in Dothan, Alabama where Rountree works, informed him that she had spotted a dog without a service vest or collar aimlessly wandering in front of the store, as if searching for someone.

Rountree assumed it must be her canine companion, so she went to investigate, and was overwhelmed with emotion when Abby sprinted towards her and showered her with kisses and embraces. Rountree declared that Abby, who is one year old, held a special place in her heart ever since she adopted her from the streets! An incredibly touching reunion!

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